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freedom of information

important update: freedom of information applications – covid-19

due to the escalating covid-19 pandemic, the university has become “virtual” until 30 may 2020.

we will be continuing to comply with our access application obligations under the freedom of information act 2016 (act).  however, as staff are working remotely, access to information and processing of applications may be slower than usual, especially if access to physical records is required.  we may need to liaise with applicants about extending notice and deadline requirements, or in relation to the scope of their applications.

please contact us through if you have any questions about how processing of your access application may be impacted.

the university of canberra is a territory agency subject to the freedom of information act 2016 (act) (foi act).

the university provides the public access to its records through freedom of information (foi), wherever possible. under the foi act, the university seeks to achieve the following:

  • ensure records can be easily accessed by all members of the public.
  • process applications (both within the foi act and those not) in a timely and efficient manner.
  • promote transparency in relation to university operations and our community interactions.


the university must take certain public interest factors into account when making decisions about the release of information. more commonly, the university may determine a document is exempt from release because:

  • release would unreasonably disclose sensitive information about an individual (including staff, students and members of the public)
  • the document is subject to legal professional privilege
  • it would pose a security risk.

a full list of public interest factors that may apply can be found in schedules 1 and 2 of the foi act.

occasionally, the university may decide that only parts of a document are exempt from release (such as personal information). the deleted parts are referred to as 'redactions'. the university will redact information which is exempt from release.

the university has a separate privacy policy that directs how staff and students can obtain access to their personal information. a foi application is not required for access to your own information.