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university council

the council is the governing authority of the university as established by the university of canberra act 1989 (act). the council has the entire management of the university and is to act in all matters concerning the university in the way it considers will best promote the interests of the university.

the exercise of powers reserved to the council are listed in the reserved powers of the council (pdf, 235.69 kb).  council meetings are governed by the standing orders (pdf, 177.26 kb) and held at least six times per year. council meetings are open to the public, except for those items that have been declared confidential and are held in a closed session (and depending on the available seating). the 2020 meeting schedule has been finalised.


the council is responsible for:

  • strategic direction, budget and business plan (2018-2022 distinctive by design strategic plan);
  • oversight and review of executive and university performance;
  • management and control of finances;
  • university legislation and policies;
  • overseeing and monitoring academic activities;
  • overseeing and monitoring risk management, systems of control and accountability;
  • overseeing management and control of property and business affairs; and
  • management of council's own affairs.

committees of the council

the council is supported by the following committees: