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breastfeeding facilities

Logo for Breastfeeding friendly workplace association initiative

the university of canberra has been accredited as a breastfeeding friendly workplace since 2013 and has a strong tradition of being an employer of choice for women.

parenting and breastfeeding rooms

for those seeking privacy whilst breastfeeding and/or expressing breast milk, parenting and breastfeeding rooms are available in the following locations:

  • building 1 - parenting room located at 1b129 (suitable for expressing breast milk)
  • building 5 - parenting room located at 5b30 (suitable for expressing breast milk)
  • building 26 (scrivener building) - first aid room located at scb13 (suitable for expressing breast milk, only available to staff.

further information about breastfeeding is available from the australian breastfeeding association.